e-journals & e-books

What are e-Books?
e-Books (also referred to variously as Electronic Books, EBooks, Digital Books, Online Books) are electronic versions of printed books that can be viewed online via any PC connected to the Internet. Many e-Books are also originally published and made available only in the electronic format. Most e-Books are available in PDF and are readable with Adobe Reader, while some can be read on Notepad/Wordpad and, still, some e-Books may require specific software to be downloaded and installed on the user’s PC in order to read them.Users are informed that the e-Books offered on the websites listed below are generally available for free online access and download. Some categories of e-Books may be available only against online advance payment or only to those who register themselves as members of specific services.
Open Access E-Books (CLICK ON THE LINKS)

 E-Journals and Databases (Open Sources)

Free Full Text Business & Management Journals

International Journal of Business and Management

Management Resources & Accounting Portals


Note: – The accuracy of the information posted on the above websites must be authenticated by contacting the respective organizations/government departments through phone or e-Mail.


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